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Photon Phighter Origins

Indie Game Developer creates Photon Phighter Origins

Squiggout Studio’s classic video game with a modern physics engine running the game environment. Photon Phighter is a classic arcade space adventure video game and reminds me of the games I grew up on. Defender, Stargate, Asteroids and others.

I have combined those games into one in an open universe with many danagers. Your testng a proto-type photon phighter which has incorporated alien technology! Problem is there is no manual and your ship’s AI did not get a full download of the galaxy maps. Figure out how to use this ship while in the middle of a active war zone. Use this alien tech and your own wits to get back to earth. Attack the aliens to restock your ship with tech and capture aliens to increase your rank. Use the alien jump gates to get home then start your missions from HQ. Four lengthy missions over 36 huge sections of universe. “Find your way home but be careful what you wish for”



Reset Trojan Attack

Reset Trojan Attack available at our online store. It will be for PC only then Web, Steam, iOS and Android at a later date. Windows XP or 7 FREE DOWNLOAD FROM OUR STORE!

Again the Reset virus is needed to cleanup a computer system infested with Trojans, Viruses and Worms. You turn on abilities and have many ways to clear a level. Reset the chips, bust through firewall locks, rewrite enemies and virus patterns by shooting rewrite scripts and DELETE your attackers. When all else fails you can infest and area with the Reset virus to delete the nasty attackers.The levels and puzzles are harder and requires you to be a clever virus. It is all new but with the same game play. In the end it is fun and you have to use your head.


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