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Photon Phighter Launched

Photon Phighter version was launched for Windows. Soon to be launched on the following OS or platforms.


Right now it is launched on Windows only. We are work through any code changes, issues or fixes we need to write for the other platforms. Including a very cool controls interface tablets.

Your Photon Phighters AI is a prototype.


The Back-er-raah like to eat humans. They will send you messages and let you know that the only good human is a cooked human.


Lost in Space meets defender, stargate and asteroids.The jump ship USS Venus is destroyed durng your first training mission in your prototype photon phighter. Not all the galaxy maps and manuals were uploaded to your ship. On top of that you’re in the middle of an active war zone.


Enemy Stalkers. The enemy AI will stay just out of range and wait to attack you when your busy with the fighters. The AI is very clever. Everytime you play the game it will be different.


Players Carrier Jump Ships

uss venus

“Find your way home.”


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