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Windows (XP-7-8-10) PC Game Bonanza Quest


Windows (XP-7-8-10)- PC Game Xtraction



Windows (XP-7-8-10)- PC Game Photon Phighter 2 Origins


Arcade style, physics-driven space adventure game.


Windows (XP-7) -PC Game: Photon Phighter


Photon Phighter is an arcade-style space adventure video game for Windows XP or 7. You’re lost in deep space, in the middle of a war with the Bachrah and your carrier jump ship U.S.S Venus has been destroyed. Figure out how to operate your prototype photon phighter and find your way home!

Over 2000 downloads


Windows (XP-7) -PC Game: Schemes ALPHA


Scheme puzzle will fry your brian. This simple game requires you to change all the blocks to the same color. Sound easy but it is not. There is no sound in this game so to not distract you from figuring out the puzzle. When a scheme is presented all the block colors are hidden. You must change them to purple or green to get points but hurry because if the timer reached zero you lose a life. This is a the lite version so it is free

Windows (XP-7)- PC Game: Reset 3 The return of Malware BETA


Once again the Reset Virus is required to battle an infestation of Malware that has infected your server. The CPU is getting very tired to run all these programs. Fire off some scripts to delete the malware, Throw up a firewall or two to protect your virus from getting deleted. If you get deleted you will reboot and the level starts again.

This is the lite version for Windows XP or Windows 7. It is FREE 


Windows – PC Game : Reset 2 Trojan Attack

The Reset Virus is required to battle an infestation of Trojans, Viruses and Worms that have attacked a top secert server farm. Your mission is to clean up the infected areas and reset all the off line chips then turn that circuit board back on.

Download now for FREE  

Over 12300 downloads

Windows XP & 7+ Only: WIndows 8 not supported


Windows – PC Game : Reset

The original game that started the virus battle and made players crazy in a good way. Reset the red chips to green. Sounds easy but it is not.

Remember PC only. Windows XP & 7: RATED: E

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