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Extraction is a little Lode Runner, Miner2049er and Dig Dug put together with many twist. The Physics driven platformer allows the game to change the environments gravity. This changes your ability to jump, climb, hang and fall. This is also a work in progress.

Your player is a space miner, mining on different planets with different gravity. Use your mining gun to desolve the rock to get to the uranium (green blocks) but the local life may not like you drilling on their planet. Be on the look out for robo-miners, mining the planet. They are programmed to mine and kill claim jumpers. Watch your proximity to the uranium because the radiation will reduce your health. Make sure you mine the blocks so you can get out of the mine and back to your ship to go to the next planet.

Exchange your bounty for credits to purchase better equipment like a faster minning gun, exoskeletons, protection droids, and many other things.

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