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Major Havoc is a major step for Squiggout Studios

Major Havov will be the first video game from Squiggout Studios to be released on iOS, PC, Windows 8, HTML5 and Android.

The full Major Havoc story. The year is 2314 and man has reached out in to our galaxy about 25 light years from Earth.  We have found no life but a resent discovery on Gilese 6676C c suggests that intelligent life once lived there. The Military watched the planet for years then we came by the thousands to start a new life.

The Military said it was safe…the story opens where you are knealing by a dying Military Major. As he dies, he tells you to get in his Havoc suit. You see things appearing, disappearing and not sure but confused by all the light and power flashes you run and get into the suit. The suit is programmed with targets..Start Game..

IMAGE HAVOC SUIT HUD. Displays damage on the suit and what you need to repair it before you die.

The Havoc suit was designed by the military “just in case”. It is amazing that the suit was designed for a single propose, to combat the native life that was still living on the planet just in a different state of evolution. The suit is designed to take damage and keeps you completely safe if you are touching the ground.

The problem is that the game is a platform game so you must jump. The game starts on their home world which we call Gilese 6676C c named after the satellite that found the planet in the first place. (FYI: this is a real planet) You soon find out at they are in all our outpost, space stations and heading to Earth. The only way to stop them is to blow up the core on each outpost or station heading back to Earth.

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