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Reset 2 Trojan Attack

Reset 2 Trojan Attack is a Classic Maze-Puzzle Video Game.


Again the Reset Virus needs to save the day against a Trojan Attack. You are a computer virus called RESET that’s been placed inside a top secret server farm. This server farm has been hacked and you must fix the servers at the circuit board level by resetting all the chips on each printed circuit level. Be careful the servers have their own virus programs running and you are not welcome. You can only travel on the circuit board or inside computer chips. Fix the broken circuits boards which are marked by rotating circles by pushing blocker/repair programs over the top of them or use the blocker programs to quarantine Trojans, Worms or Viruses. Once all chips are reset in the green position you can turn that section of the server farm back on.  Find and terminate other social programs that should not be running in these top secret servers by infecting them with your virus.

You must travel through all 12 circuit board levels, 4 Trojan Attack Boss Levels and 3 bonus levels to get inside the hackers computer. There are many hidden items, abilities and bonuses along your travels. The levels get harder and harder until you make it to the hackers PC then you must delete the virus.


Use the arrow keys to move. Travel along the printed circuit board and reset each chip by running over the top of each turning each chip green. Once all chips are reset and green then you can exit the circuit board and turn it back on. Avoid the other Trojans, Worms and Virus or you lose a life. If you lose a life you must restart at the beginning of the level. Once all your lives are gone the game is over.

Retrieve all bonus byte fragments on each level to get a bonus score for defragmenting those levels.

Retrieve the Motherboard Battery to get extra lives.

Use the Virus protection/blocker/repair programs to quarintin the server’s virus protect programs, all emenies or repair broken circuit boards.

Dark grey printed circuits are superconductors. These make you travel faster in one direction. Once on a superconductor you cannot stop or go in the opposite direction.

Use the jump gates to jump to another circuit board.

Use the power pulse to overload the transistors which causes them to short out. WARNING shorting transistors may damage the printed circuit boards allowing virus programs and yourself to travel off the circuit boards.

Use the virus smashers to delete the enemies. This ability is turned on.

Use the pattern replicator to duplicate your virus to go out and delete the enemies. This ability is turn on.

Stop the virus generators.

Stop all the social programs that are running in the system.

Stop the reset-reset viruses from turning the chips back off.

Use your rewrite scripts to rewrite the warning lock

Get the ScriptKeeper and get a bonus 10 scripts only when you have the ability will this script run.

Completely clear a level and recieve an extra 2000 point bonus.

Special Abilities

Virus Smasher Program once turned on can be placed by the RESET virus by pressing the ctrl key or by using a Rewrite Script to rewrite an existing McAfee blocker program in to a Virus Smasher Program

Rewrite Script once turned on can shoot from your RESET virus in the direction you are facing by pressing the space bar. The script will delete itself if it falls off the printed circuit. Your can reload your script by collecting the red defrag bytes. The total scripts you have will show over the ability icon in the lower right corner. Rewrite scripts will also rewrite/ delete the enemies.

Teleport Ghost Script once turned on you can jump to the teleport vortex at anytime by pressing the shift key.

Infection Script duplicates your virus by pressing the Z key. Your drones will then speard out over the printed circuits and kill the Trojan Bosses, trojans, viruses and worms. Only allows five drones at a time but if one of the five sent out deletes an enemy then you can press the Z key again to get 9 drones.

If an ability is turned on it will show up in the lower right corner of your screen.

Other Abilities

Turn off the virus protection on this level. This deletes all McAfee blockers

Fast Forward is a program running, you must caputure it to move faster. This only last for a short time then you return back to your normal clock speed.

Extra life can be issued when the RESET virus collects the motherboard battery.

Trojan Boss Virus

The boss virus has a health bar that will appear once damaged by the RESET ability scripts. You must delete all the Trojan Bosses to remove the Trojan warning lock. This lock is placed there by the virus protection program and the only way to remove it is to delete the Trojan boss.

Be a clever virus…

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